Despite his multiple Grammy nods, his iconic clock and his indisputable status as Y2k reality TV royalty, rapper Flavor Flav is just like us … and by just like us, I mean he too, loves a good round of karaoke.

The Public Enemy alum delighted fans — and confused the heck out of everyone else — on Sunday after giving a good old college try at singing the National Anthem ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Though his vocals admittedly left a bit to be desired — though who can blame him, it’s a hard song! — several fans headed to Twitter, offering the artist a resounding “Yeah, Boy!” for his apparent efforts

“Flava Flav singing the National anthem at an NBA game was NOT on my bingo card…and he can carry a lil too,” wrote @SupaFragilistik.

“He definitely rehearsed this in front of the mirror for weeks,” added @Chombe1080.

“Flava Flav singing the National Anthem at a NBA game just definitely convinced me I’m not dreaming big enough,” commented  @CandiceBenbow while @hoopfiends insisted that their loved ones play the artist’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at their funeral.

Here’s to Flavor Flav … he’ll always be one of our favorite rappers.