Florida Man found riding in the back of truck locked  in a dog cage

Despite all my rage I'm still just a grown man in a dog cage. 

This bizarre story comes to us from Facebook user Ryan Cabera, no not the tall haired purity ring wearing singer dude, but someone who just happened to roll up on maybe the best traffic stop of all time. 

That right, your eye don't deceive you, that right there is a grown man trapped in a dog cage, getting hauled around in the bed of a Ford f150. 

Why he is in the cage and where she was taking are still mysterious but we can only suspect that this is some sub/dom relationship and she could have been taking him to the dog park. 

Or it's possible that old man in the cage is just drunk and was being rude, so she threw him in the back to give him a taste of his own medicine. Either way, the adventures of Florida Man and his dominatrix continue for another day.