According to police, Kevin Clark was riding his bike around 1:20 in the morning on May 26th when he was struck by a vehicle. He was pronounced dead just after 2am. Kevin had recently started a new band, and he's obviously well known for his work in School of Rock. Co-star Jack Black posted a tribute on his Instagram page.

In 2013, the cast held a 10 year reunion celebrating the release of the film. This clip shows Kevin and Joey Gaydos Jr. who played Zack. They talk about how exciting the audition experience was at the time.

Kevin's talents in the movie speak for themselves. Fans have even replicated his drum solo from the end credit scene.

Actress Rivkah Reyes who slapped the bass as Katie in the movie, posted a video on Twitter. She and Kevin relive some Harry Potter 2 shenanigans and it's giving us all the feels.

Just a devastating loss for fans of the movie, and fans of music in general. Kevin brought such chaotic youthfulness and energy to the role of Freddy. He made it okay to be a wild child and I think that's important to remember. Rest in peace legend.