The only thing that can stop four bad guys with a gun? An angry woman with a big stick, a lesson one man in Haryana, India discovered after narrowly surviving a gun attack thanks to one brave female companion.

Though it’s unclear what, exactly, prompted four dudes to ride their motorcycles to the near-victim’s home and start shooting, the man sprinting indoors upon seeing their weapons, their fatal weakness was ever apparent — a fear of pissed-off women.

4 guys attempt to shoot a man in Haryana, India. End might surprise you
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As they waited outside of his door, an incident captured on what appeared to be a security camera, they found themselves running for the hills, mounting their bikes, and riding away at the mere sight of an annoyed woman holding a makeshift weapon.

These dudes know it all too well —  Hell hath no fury like a woman holding a really big stick.