There are only four kinds of women in the world – ones who resemble foxes, deer, cats, and bunnies if TikTok’s latest beauty theory is to be believed.

An Americanized version of the animal face archetypes that have long been popular in South Korea, the question of which animal TikTok users resemble has taken the platform – and the internet as a whole –  by storm in recent days, with filters, quizzes, and vague descriptions emerging to help us determine where we’d fit in a local woodland ecosystem.

So what, exactly is the difference between a cat and a fox or a deer and a bunny, other than their respective domestication and largely-clashing food chain locales? The answer, while possibly intentionally vague, largely falls within four archetypes, as TikTok creator @mangoninja1344 detailed in their recent viral explainer.

@dilophasaurus Cat pretty, deer pretty, fox pretty, bunny pretty #newfilter #filters ♬ Did you see the way he looked at me - Hannah

While to them, someone who is “bunny pretty” rocks "lighter hair, a round face, and soft facial features, “cat pretty” is defined by "darker hair, light eyes, and sharp features.” Meanwhile, someone who is “fox pretty” rocks "lighter hair, long face and sharp features” an embodier of “deer pretty” boasts “soft features” as well as “dark hair and eyes” that may or may not get stunned by some asshole’s headlights.

Still, confused? Same TBH, but hey, at least this beauty trend is attainable unlike whatever the hell this is.