Mexican Olympic diver Diego Balleza has been swan diving into pools of cash.

With the 2024 Paris Olympics roughly one year away, Balleza, a 10-meter diver who competed in the Tokyo Games back in 2021, has adopted an unusual side gig as he vies for the gold — making a splash (but not too big of a splash) with an OnlyFans account. 

“It occurred to me to open it because you are always looking for a way to make income,”  Balleza, who charges $15 for a monthly subscription, explained during a recent sit-down with the Associated Press, adding that his followers are “very good and respectful.”

“I support my house and my mother, and I have bills to pay,” he continued.  “You can upload whatever you want in there, it’s a valid content.”

But it’s not just his mother that likely factored into his decision to strip down … or not considering the teeny tiny speedos synonymous with his sport.

Due to a rift between World Aquatics – the international federation overseeing water sports – and several higher-ups in the world of Mexican Sports athletes like Balleza haven’t received monthly payments since January of this year, leaving them scrambling to make ends meet.

While some seemingly opted for other unconventional means of making cash, like Mexico’s artistic swimming team, who have auctioned off towels and swimsuits, and Balleza’s Olympic diving partner, Kevin Berlin, who launched a coffee company with help from his family, the model’s unique approach appears to have paid off.

“The money I now receive (from OnlyFans) is very volatile, but it has served me well so far,” he quipped, the athlete remaining tight-lipped on his exact monthly figures.

If there was a gold medal for ingenuity hotness, it would definitely go to Balleza.