The gaming chair is a critical part of the gaming experience and for many gamers, the smells emitting from their chairs are less than pleasant. So what do you do with a $500 gaming chair that has absorbed hundreds – thousands – of hours of ass sweat? Well, that's exactly what gamers are trying to figure out. 

In a since-deleted post on the r/NoStupidQuestions, an anonymous user asked the forum, “How to get THAT smell out of my gaming chair.”

“A common problem that most people have is that their gaming chair starts to smell,” he wrote, “mine has started to smell of poo.”

Much to the gamer’s chagrin, the conversation quickly shifted to his personal hygiene, with one commenter suggesting that he doesn’t wipe himself enough. The poster admitted that he’d made up the line about having a girlfriend and that it was really his mother complaining about the smell.

“I'm guessing they game in their boxer shorts or pajamas,” daniel-mca theorized. “Never change them. Skidmarks get so bad it rubs into the chair through the fabric. Minging.”

However, despite the common reactions of shock and disgust, the poster was right about one thing; It is a common problem. All it takes is a quick Google search, and you’ll find plenty of gamers across many subreddits desperately wondering how to get the smell of ass out of their gaming chairs.

Gamers are not exactly known for their hygiene, but Reddit gamers seem like an even grosser bunch. It turns out, typical bathroom and hygiene procedures aren’t as standard as you might think.

So no, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for gamers to let a little bit of poo slip into their chairs. If you want proof, check out this iconic clip of a streamer’s mother yelling at him to stop crapping himself and go to the bathroom.

Yeah, we’re going to need to teach them how to clean those chairs.