Medical professionals, if they’re any good at their jobs, are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which amongst other things means they’re expected to provide medical care to anyone, regardless of who they might be or what they may have done.

A recent viral tweet put the spotlight on the kind of bizarre situations that can arise when medical professionals do their job and treat their patients, regardless of who they are, like human beings.

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The tweet, from Jace Mullen, a flight paramedic, reads, “Paramedic school never taught me how to respond when a gangster responds to you treating them with dignity and kindness by offering their services as a hit man.”

One popular response from a woman named Dawn, who identifies herself as a nurse, says, “Nurse here, cared for an MS13 gang member, treated him like everybody else, addressed him as sir. At the end of the encounter he wrote his # for me and said ‘u need someone taken care of, you call me, no charge.’ It is very weird.”

Over on TikTok, several people say they’ve had similar offers made to them after helping someone out. One woman, who runs a TikTok account called Pharmacy Chronicles, commented, “I’ve never had so many contacts for illegal things in my LIFE. I gave a gang member a coupon code for a med and he offered SERVICES.”

Offering your services in exchange for a mere coupon code — who knew gang members were so easily bought?

Another commenter wrote, “As a caregiver I took care of an old lady who ended up being the mom to 6 bikers, they said if I ever needed anything to give them a call.” Someone else said, “Also never taught me how to handle the street respect I got from the gangsters after shoveling my neighbor’s snow who I didn’t know was their abuelita.” Folks, it pays to be kind!

As many commenters pointed out, in other sectors such as the corporate world, this is simply known as networking, and you can never have too many connections.