When the Jacksonville Jaguars' starting QB, former Superbowl MVP Nick Foles, went down with a collarbone injury in Week 1 of the NFL regular season, things seemed bleak. That is until rookie backup Gardner Minshew II stepped in and started killin' it. Sure, after 3 weeks, the Jags are currently sitting with a 1-2 record but you better believe that's not because of Minshew!

Not only has the rookie performed admirably in Foles' absence, he's become an internet sensation for his unique sense of style. The 'stache, the bandanas, the naked stretching (which led to an endorsement offer from an adult entertainment site)- it's all part of the legend of Gardner Minshew II. Unsurprisingly, he's also vaulted his way to becoming the NFL's most meme-able QB:

Gardner Minshew meme - When Gardner Minshew lwft for college he told his dad

Gardner Minshew meme - ultimate florida man

Gardner Minshew meme - Uncle Rico finally made it

Gardner Minshew meme - Gardner Minshew's dad looks like Jon Gruden on roidsGardner Minshew meme - who wore it better

Gardner Minshew meme - Gardner Minshew Pop Vinyl Toy Uncle Rico Napoleon dynamite

Gardner Minshew meme - area 51

Gardner Minshew meme - fu manchu fu minshew

Gardner Minshew meme - Hey, you guys wanna see my video?

Gardner Minshew meme - Gardner Minshew went 23/33 yesterday, which if you do the math, gave him a 69.69% completion rating. Coincidence, I think not

Gardner Minshew meme - you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about