Bill Gates has been sounding the alarms around pathogens and the potential for a world changing global pandemic for a long time. There is an old Ted talk you can watch where he talks about these fears, which are surprisingly  similar to our current situation. 

So why is he now the face of such a big anti-vaccine/ anti-globalism conspiracy theory? Well, many reasons, but mostly because he's been at the forefront of fighting diseases around the world for quite some time. 

The long story short here, is people online think Gates is the face of the global cabal, the occult, whoever they are that will track and trace us all, the anti-christ-esque  figure who will lead the world into total control. 

But more specifically, Gates has made arguments for having post vaccine or post infection immunity cards that people could use to frely travel or to get back to work, once we start to lift restrictions due to the virus. Which are real and sensible actions to take, but many online see it as the next step in global tyranny. 

The people who believe these type of theories also enjoy the artist renderings of Ben Garrison, a real truth racker! 

If you find yourself on Twitter today and you feel the urge to scroll through the #GatesHacked hashtag, you'll find some serious cognitive -dissonance.