Gender reveals are on track to be the leading cause of death in the United States by 2030.

No, not really, but given some of the gender-reveal accidents we’ve seen in recent years, a marked increase in gender-reveal fatalities wouldn’t be too surprising. For example, who could forget the gender-reveal party that accidentally started the 2020 fires in California? Or the dad who set his backyard on fire while announcing a kid’s gender? C’mon, we know you’re happy about your baby — you really don’t need to start an environmental disaster to prove it!

If you’re hell-bent on doing a gender-reveal party, please just keep it simple. And whatever you do, don’t do what this couple did.

In the video above, a couple can be seen gearing up for a gender reveal. For some reason, this involves shooting things directly into fire. Right as they start to reveal the baby’s gender as a girl, the gender quickly reverts to “explosion,” and the whole room goes up in flames.

We don’t know what happened to the couple after the video cut — and, presumably, the fire was extinguished — but we can only hope that everyone involved was okay. Let’s just pray that next time, for everyone’s safety, they just stick with a cake.