The GeoGuessr prodigy Trevor Rainbolt has turned his uncanny talents away from pinpointing exact global locations, and towards outing influencers gatekeeping their favorite restaurants. Immediately after figuring out where the ham sandwich kid filmed his famous viral video, georainbolt decided to take on his toughest challenge yet and find a singular bagel; all to spite a TikToker who wouldn’t tell anyone where it was from.

“This is the greatest sandwich I've ever had, and I'm not telling,” the nameless man said in his video. But that was all georainbolt needed.


168 william st, nyc. you can order it by asking for "the rainbolt" . do not gatekeep.

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Although Rainbolt is known for his lightning speed, the task of finding a specific bagel in New York City was monumental, and one that took some time.

“I will find this bagel,” he tweeted. “And I will not give up.”

But eventually, with the help of New York City food connoisseurs @snilsborg and @highleyvarlet, the bagel shop, Bagel Market, was found at 168 William St. With the help of his influence and his newfound friends, Rainbolt even got the shop to change the name of the sandwich to the “rainbolt.”

“You can order it by asking for ‘the rainbolt,’” he tweeted. “Let this be a lesson to all. Do not gatekeep food.”

Fans were not only impressed but incredibly thankful for Rainbolt’s work.

“Hiding bagels in NY is a felony,” @Trace_Cohen commented.

“This is the best video on the internet,” @TurnerNovak said.

Let this be a warning. If you’ve found yourself some good grub and want to post about it online, make sure you shout the place out. If not, you might find yourself exposed, and waiting in line to order a ‘rainbolt.’