For someone who once brazenly echoed his party’s unfounded notion that Catholic priests drag queens are embroiled in a cartoon villain plot to groom your children, it seems Republican Congressman George Santos — aka Drag Queen Kitara Ravache — sure knows quite *a lot* about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

On Monday, Miss Kitara found himself embroiled in her very first Drag Twitter beef, going head-to-head with RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars champ and certified skinny legend Trixie Mattel, shading the comedy world’s take on his drag controversy and the UNHhhh host with (pencil-thin) eyebrow-arching ease. 

“I have now been enshrined in late night TV history with all these impersonations, but they are all TERRIBLE so far,” Santos, who is openly gay, quipped on Twitter days after his former colleagues first revealed his drag persona.

“Jon Lovitz is supposed to be one of the greatest comedians of all time and that was embarrassing — for him not me!” Santos continued, concluding that “these comedians need to step their game up.” 

Despite his Trumpian calls for Lovitz to “Level Ya Pussy Up,” as Mattel’s All Stars 3 competitor Aja LaBeija so poetically put it before executing a flawless dip from what was essentially an Olympic diving platform, the Drag Race winner had differing ideas over what, exactly, prompted Santos’ dislike of the Lovitz sketch. “Maybe the source material was weak,” the reality star commented. 

Naturally, Santos tweeted right through it, as Mattel’s reply awoke his apparent ability to recall five-year-old Drag Race episodes in extreme detail. “Clearly you know all about weak acting skills,” Santos fired back, including a GIF of Mattel’s famously abysmal All Stars 3 “Snatch Game” performance in which she tried — and spectacularly failed — to impersonate RuPaul in front of his face (unfortunately for Mattel — and apparently Ye — not everyone can be Anne Frank).

Taken aback by his storied Drag Race trivia — one that easily rivals that of any Chromatica-obsessed Hell’s Kitchen resident — Mattel clapped back, using Santos’ own since-retracted drag denial against him. “I am not an actor! I was young and I had fun at a festival!” she replied.

It’s unclear whether the franchise winner’s hip pads were thick enough to prevent her from sustaining road rash after getting dragged by a queen best known for her political bigotry — and, of course, her famously unsuccessful Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro bid.