One Colorado woman found herself on the wrong side of an IRL What Would You Do? episode, landing under arrest after a bystander caught her attempting to stuff her five-year-old son in the trunk of her car.

“'Get in there before I f—k you up!” Chelsea-Rae Trujillo, then 33, could be heard yelling to her child, who was audibly wailing.

After several moments of attempting to close the trunk atop her son, an onlooker decided to take matters into their own hands, calling Trujillo out on her questionable behavior.

Woman caught forcing child into trunk of car - Pueblo, CO
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“Dude you can’t f—king put that kid in that f—king trunk!” they yelled. Though Trujillo attempted to defend herself, noting that she was going to eventually take him out, the bystander was not convinced.

“F—k no, dude,” they yelled while approaching the woman, the camera quickly cutting off.

Though it’s unclear how their interaction came to pass, the shocking footage was ultimately handed to authorities, who arrested Trujillo on suspicion of child abuse and violating a restraining order.

The mother-son-duo were ultimately discovered to have been homeless and living together in their car.

So take it from this tale of woe — there are worse things than having to sit in the backseat.