Sometimes just the tip can be way too much, a lesson one Canadian family learned the hard way after police raided their home following a false tip surrounding a recent kidnapping.

The ordeal began on Thursday after one Edmonton family’s adult son sent them a series of text messages alleging that he had been kidnapped and was being held at both knifepoint and gunpoint by what may be the world’s most heavily-armed abductor.

The kidnapping turned out to be a hoax — the adult son is currently being investigated over the incident — however, this revelation came too little too late for Edward Potts, who, alongside his children and their grandmother, were forced to the ground during a police raid on their home.

"Why are we getting arrested?" a little girl can be heard asking at one point during a video of the raid, which was captured by Potts’ home security cameras.

"Arms out to your side," one of the officers fired back.

Though authorities ultimately realized that no crime had been committed at their home, the invasion left quite a mark on Potts and his family.

“They’re pretty traumatized,” he told CTV of how his children and family members are coping. “I just cannot believe how this tactical team treated my family and these kids.”

Not to be crass, but we most definitely can believe it. If there’s one thing cops love, it’s being jerks for literally no reason.