One angry boomer discovered that the good ‘ol “Get Off My Lawn” bit doesn’t exactly apply to utility workers, throwing a tantrum after discovering the men surveying land near her home were simply doing their jobs.

Though it’s unclear exactly how the situation, which has since gone viral on r/PublicFreakout, escalated to such extremes, it appears tensions quickly came to a boiling point as the woman allegedly threatened the workers long before the camera started rolling.

“I hate your f—king guts! Get the hell off my land!” the woman yelled her finger, carrying what appears to be a blue doggy bag, pointed towards the workers.

“When the cops get here, if you call them, you’re getting arrested for threatening to shoot me! You realize that, right?” the employee fired back, clarifying that they were “locating underground facilities.”

Upon insisting that the workers in question show their IDs, the woman learned yet another hard lesson she somehow managed to evade in her several decades on this planet — you catch more identification documents with honey than you do threats of gun violence.

“I can show you my ID but you showed me too many names!” one of the workers replied, another backing him up.

“At this point we’re showing them to the cops!” the second worker replied.

Though it’s unclear whether or not the police actually arrived at the scene of the crime, one thing is certain — if you’re gonna come for innocent workers, at least make sure you’re wearing two of the same shoes.