One Karen decided to make her poor driving skills everyone’s problem during a recent trip to an Albuquerque, New Mexico mall, launching into a racist tirade after nearly bulldozing a Latino couple.

‘Get your ass out of my fucking country, I put my life on the line for this country not your fucking shithole,” the Karen yelled moments after allegedly failing to yield for pedestrians at a crosswalk, her finger pointed accusingly towards the camera.

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Despite facing an immediate backlash for her racist statements — “racista, racista, racista!” one man repeated in the background — the Karen was undeterred, growing so engrossed in her xenophobia that she briefly forgot the meaning of the word “shithole.”

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“Go back to Mexico, you shithole!” she yelled before aiming her uncontained rage toward another passerby.

“Don’t even start with me, you liberal!” she yelled, prompting the man to clarify that he’s “not liberal.”

As she returned to her car, the Karen offered one final racist remark upon discovering the people she nearly flattened were considering contacting the authorities.

“Who are you gonna call, the cartel?” she screamed.

To Jonathan Gonzalez, one of the pedestrians who nearly fell victim to Karen’s bad driving, their terrifying encounter left him fearing for his girlfriend’s safety.

“She would not stop yelling and honking,” Jonathan Gonzalez told local ABC News affiliate KOAT of the incident.

We can only hope that this unnamed Karen takes her own advice and gets her ass off the fucking road.