There’s a pretty standard to-do list when your house floods: Grab a bucket, some rubber gloves, a pair of old capris and pray you don’t have to schedule a tetanus shot. Influencer Jenna Jean, however, decided to make one biohazardous addition to this simple protocol: Pretending the possibly pathogen-filled waters coating her floors were the cool, blue waters of the Grecian isles.

@jennajean8 did i contribute to the water damage? yes. was it worth it? also yes. #mammamia ♬ LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME - Owen Kelley

As Los Angeles faced record rains over the holiday weekend, Jean saw an opportunity in her flooded SoCal apartment — one to gain followers … and host of old-timey diseases by recreating Amanda Seyfred’s beachside choreography from Mamma Mia!

“Did I contribute to the water damage? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes,” she captioned the clip, one depicting her splashing through the murky, orange-ish water soaking her apartment floors, lip synching along to the actress’ cover of ABBA’s “Lay All Your Love On Me.”

But beyond her performance chops, several of her followers had questions — namely, why in Typhoid Mary’s name did she think this was a good idea?

“GIRL NOT THE CACA WATER,” warned @milkybaae.

“I hope that is not sewage water,” added Sebestian Ong while Amy Hart: offered some more practical words of advice.

“DO NOT let your insurance company see thissss,” they wrote alongside the eyes emoji.

Though Jean maintained that her dip in the questionable water was worth it  — “y'all worried after the flood about my insurance company, if it was sewage and if I’m gonna have to go to the hospital but I’m just here dancing,” she wrote in a follow up video — we can only hope she’ll feel the same way a few weeks down the line. To paraphrase @user3676337421835, it can take up to a month for Hepatitis A symptoms to make an appearance.