Ahh, A.I. – the creator of controversial television introductions, women with unnecessarily large breasts, and prank-induced fatherhood?

TikTok AI artist @immadsal offered a glimpse at just how powerful A.I. could be in messing with your ex, revealing how she allegedly pranked a former flame into believing that she had welcomed his child using nothing more than a simple selfie and a few A.I. prompts in Adobe Photoshop.

“Girls, this is what you send to the guy that ghosted you last year,” an automated voice said at the beginning of the clip.

@immadsal Replying to @Niyebe Nobody Spooky season will be here before you know it #adobeai #photoshopai #generativeai #ai #datingadvice #prank #satire #ghosting #ghostbusters #spookyseason ♬ Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

Starting with a selfie depicting her posing with a bent arm, @immadsal tapped several of the photo editing software’s A.I. capabilities to create the illusion she had just birthed a child, transforming the plain walls behind her into a maternity ward with the term “hospital room,” her empty arm into an entire small child by typing in “newborn baby in a blanket” and even selling the celebratory nature of the announcement by expanding the photo and adding a “Bedside table with flowers.”

Naturally, the fine people of TikTok were both concerned and impressed with her scarily realistic Photoshop feats.

“Stay toxic queens,” replied commenter @gossipcurls, while @nicolettexbrooklyn offered a great reminder that “with great responsibilities, comes great powers.”

Yet as several noted, the uses of this fake baby hack span well beyond spiting your exes.

“Use this for maternity leave or calling in sick,” suggested @tf_texasgirl.

A.I.: For solving all of life’s problems … and possibly ending the world.