Getting off of an airplane is a frustrating experience. After hours being cooped up in a tiny seat while packed into a metal tube, the feeling of the plane’s wheels touching the ground makes just about anybody want to stand up and get the heck out of there.

Unfortunately, leaving an airplane is rarely that easy. Docking at a gate takes forever, and once the plane finally attaches itself to the airport, you’ve got to wait for all of the slowpokes ahead of you to gather the things in their seat, collect their items from the overhead compartment and make their way out of the aircraft — often at an infuriatingly leisurely pace.

That said, it’s your duty as a person living in the world to be patient in these endeavors. Someone who hasn’t learned that lesson can be seen here:

In the video, the person wearing a gold jacket (and sitting in coach) can be seen “waiting” to exit the plane. They don’t manage to wait for long, however, before opting to shove the people in front of them so they can get off of the plane faster. “Don’t be rude to me, because one thing I can do is be rude back to you,” the person says after rudely pushing two people out of their way.

The person in the video is either named Vosièy Fvogèswièr or “Courvosier Cox,” per their Instagram, and they don’t seem embarrassed in the slightest about this whole ordeal. For example, they’ve posted numerous videos celebrating the event.

They also even posted several videos in which they call the people whom they pushed away “Karens.”

So just in case you thought that someone who did this and went viral would learn their lesson, the internet has proven yet again that some people don’t change. Let’s just hope that next time he gets placed further near the front so no one gets in the way of his warpath — or better yet, maybe he should just take a Greyhound.