Though the Grammy Award overlords may have enjoyed gospel singer Bobbi Storm’s musical chops, the same can not be said for one Delta cabin crew member, who nearly kicked the musician off a flight after she tried to treat her fellow passengers to an impromptu concert.

During a recent trip, Storm decided to heed what she said “the Lord” was telling her to do,” arising from her seat shortly before takeoff and using the aisle as her personal stage, singing in celebration of music collective Maverick City Music’s 2024 Grammy Award nods.  

“I'm charting right now on the billboards,” Storm, who was a featured performer on the group’s Grammy-nominated album “The Maverick Way,” told the flight attendant tasked with guiding her back to her seat.

“Can you just sit down and be quiet?” he asked.

Despite attempting to argue with the Delta employee — ““the seatbelt sign is off so it’s not a disturbance,” she said — Storm ultimately retreated, heading back to her assigned seat.

 “I just found out I’m up for two Grammys. My very first time, you guys,” she said. “I sing for the Lord and my song is out on all platforms and is called ‘We Can’t Forget Him.’”

While her pronouncement elicited a smattering of applause, the cabin crew member was still not sold.

“I’m not enjoying it. I’m asking you can you please be quiet?” he said.

So take it from Storm — no matter what the Lord may instruct you to do, flight attendants can and will kick you off of airplanes.