Weirdly, despite it being 2023, the year of our lord and savior Barbie, some people still believe that women over a certain age should become hermits once they’re no longer young and hot anymore. Even more depressing is the fact that other women have internalized this idea, lashing out at women who dare refuse to hide out of sight once they hit 50.

One blogger, Candace Leslie Cima, who goes by Life in My 70s on Facebook, often shares videos of herself in various outfits, usually with the intention of sending people over to her Amazon storefront, as influencers are wont to do. A recent video of Cima in a dress, however, sent some people into a tizzy, as noticed by Twitter user Maggie.

Cima shared a video of herself in a figure-hugging knit dress, and she looks fantastic in it. Because this is the internet, some people took offense to the outfit, arguing that Cima was showing too much skin for her age, or that she didn’t have enough of an ass to pull the dress off, a hell of a thing to say to anyone, let alone a complete stranger.

The dress comes with an accompanying cropped pullover, prompting one commenter to write, “If you insist on wearing it please do not do so without the top.” I had no idea we were allowed to make requests of other people regarding their outfit choices like this! I’m going to start asking everyone to stop wearing khakis now that I know it’s socially acceptable to do so.

Meanwhile on Twitter, people were baffled by the negative comments. As one user noted, “Women that love themselves don’t talk this way about other women,” while another said, “I hope I look that hot when I’m 70.”

After Maggie’s tweet about the comments went viral, people flocked to the comments of the original video to drown out the negativity, with one woman writing, “Wear it with the top off so these jealous ladies can seethe with anger. You look amazing.”