Birds are smart creatures — and if you have one as a pet, they’re likely to pick up on your worst behaviors.

Famously, Andrew Jackson had a parrot that had to be removed from his funeral because it kept swearing. Other birds have been seen riding skateboards, assisting in robberies and even gaslighting those who approach them. Now, there’s been another development in the world of bird behavior: making smart devices pass gas.

In a video posted to TikTok, a user’s pet bird has clearly picked up on the fact that they can make Alexa produce a fart sound. And so, they do it. All the time.

In the video, a bird can be seen requesting Alexa to fart like some kind of feathered kinkster. While the device occasionally interjects to ask follow-up questions, the bird persists, repeatedly asking the Amazon machine to let another one rip.

Hopefully this is the only Alexa command that the bird’s picked up. If I were the owner of this parrot, I wouldn’t be asking Alexa for anything else — otherwise, you might be awoken in the middle of the night to your parrot asking for a dildo to be sent to your apartment with two-day shipping.