It’s a tale as old as time: Man meets alligator. Man and alligator become friends. In time, turmoil strikes. Man and alligator fight. They resolve their issues, and soon, they become famous.

What? You’ve never heard of this? Then where did these images come from?

Ever since A.I.-generated art became accessible to the masses, internet heathens have used the tool as a way to tell stories. The particular series of images above kicked off a narrative that has become a gem amongst the deluge of A.I. content — a simple tale of a man, an alligator and a pizza.

After seeing the original images, users on r/Midjourney pondered the history of our lead characters. For example, how did these two meet? Well, it turns out they have a history, with the man’s ancestors spending generations warring with the creatures.

Archeologist just discovered an ancient cave drawing. Is this real?
byu/BlockBLX inmidjourney

Tale as old as time
byu/iribuya inmidjourney

Holy  guys is this real?
byu/SaintKoba1917 inmidjourney

Over time, the beast was tamed, and the man — dubbed Gumbo Slice — was able to become one with the animal.

I think I did it wrong. This guy looks badass lol
byu/Ferninja inmidjourney

Of course, the pair had their spats, as seen in the pizza debacle. Still, the pair hold each other dear, even sharing a romantic evening on the swamp-side.

Had to give it a go
byu/belendel inmidjourney

As their “friendship” became closer, so too did the international interest in their relationship. They became world-renowned celebrities, even being invited to such notable events as the Met Gala.

Gumbo Slice has arrived at the Met Gala
byu/Prisons inmidjourney

Also, there’s this image of Slice fighting a bear. I’m not sure where it fits into this narrative, but it feels necessary to include.

Bro decided the gators weren’t enough
byu/bucken1019 inmidjourney

I want to say that it’s probably not a good idea to befriend alligators. Then again, some guy in Florida actually did it, eventually getting arrested while trying to feed his “good friend” some bagels. I’ll just say exercise caution and be ready to lose your pizza — and maybe a foot.