Kids’ birthday parties can be pretty boring for parents. Sure, we all love little Timmy, but do we really have to go to Chuck E. Cheese again? They don’t even have booze (anymore)!

That’s why some parents decide to spice up their childrens’ parties by bringing a little fun for the adults. It could be a few beers, some activities solely for parents — or, in the case of this birthday party, cash, guns and champagne.

In the video, several kids can be seen brandishing fake guns and cash for the camera. The parents seem to be loving it, with a few of them encouraging the kids as they sing along to the music.

While it may initially seem like these items were brought for the parents, it’s clear that “this” is actually the theme of the party. A balloon in the shape of a champagne bottle can be seen in the corner, and whatever children’s playplace hosted the event was even kind enough to leave out a bucket for the bottles of bubbly.

One of the buckets also has the phrase “Never Broke Again” on it, indicating that the theme may have something to do with the artist whose music was playing during the video, NBA YoungBoy. Unbelievably, this wouldn’t even be the first toddler’s birthday party themed around the rapper!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a themed birthday party, but you’d hope a parent would consider the content of the theme before letting their kids throw it. A Winnie the Pooh birthday party? Sure, go right ahead. A Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey birthday? Maybe not.

All I’m saying here is that context is important. You can keep NBA YoungBoy on the soundtrack if you want, but if you find yourself buying fake guns and cash for your toddler, you’ve probably taken a wrong step somewhere along the way.