What’s the furthest you would go to ensure a good night’s sleep? Earplugs and a sleep mask? White noise machine and humidifier? What about exposing your upstairs neighbor’s affair because their nighttime activities were keeping you awake?

That’s allegedly what one redditor did recently. Posting to both r/pettyrevenge and r/AITAH, IonicRes shared the story of how they’ve been kept awake at night for the past four months because their upstairs neighbor has been having an affair with a married man involving a ton of noisy love making.

This isn’t the only problem OP has had with this neighbor, apparently; she used to throw loud parties on Monday nights, and she has a habit of coming home from work at 2 a.m. and having loud phone conversations. In the words of OP, “She’s 40 years old throwing parties with 20y/o and having affairs and living like a teenager.”

Prior to choosing the nuclear option, OP had tried talking to her about their concerns, but she dismissed them, and OP had to get the building’s association to step in and stop the parties.

Knowing the neighbor most likely wouldn’t be receptive, OP opted to look up the man’s license plate online, finding his name and address and using those details to find his wife on social media. OP then messaged the man’s wife to let her know that her husband had been having an affair.

The verdict on both subreddits was that this was a fitting solution to the problem, and the pair involved in the affair didn’t deserve OP’s discretion. Others couldn’t help but wonder how it could have backfired, however, with one commenter writing, “With my luck, his wife would have kicked him out and he would have been at the neighbor’s full time.”

OP had considered this, and simply said that hopefully the next guy will be single and able to visit at normal times of day, allowing him to get his full eight hours. In the words of another commenter, “Never mess with a resourceful man’s sleep.”