Though soul icon James Brown may have passed away in 2006, his funky spirit lives on in South Carolina resident Randolph White, who offered one heck of a high note while recounting hearing the unmanned F-35 Fighter Jet crash land near his home.

“I was in the bathroom, taking a shave, and I heard a screeching. Between a screech and a whistle,” White 72, recalled to local news outlet WBTW before offering an impression of the crash so spectacular, it would make the world’s greatest foley artist retire in shame.

“I said, what in the world is this? And I heard a boom! Then my whole house shook,” he continued.

But White’s home was far from the only thing left shook from this ordeal, his impressive vocals shooting him to viral fame.

“THE JAMES BROWN SOUND EFFECT IS TAKING ME OUT,” wrote @Theblairwitches, one of the several commenters likening White to the late music legend.

“This is one of the best interviews in the history of news,” added @jo_el1106, while @Phil_Lewis_ confessed that he had “watched this too many times.”

And they’re not wrong. To paraphrase @espiers, we would listen to any story this guy wants to tell us about anything.