Office thievery is the eighth deadly sin, and there’s nothing worse than a co-worker stealing the obviously not-for-sharing item you’ve been saving for yourself. Still, you can only go so far in safeguarding your stuff from your so-called friends before looking like a paranoid freak. Well, that is unless you ask one office worker in the UK.

Last week, a photo was shared in the CasualUK subreddit showing a padlocked carton of milk under the caption, “Peak pettiness or justifiable security in the office kitchen?” The post sparked both outrage and defense and received 15.5 thousand upvotes before being shared across the internet.

“Wanna find out who's stealing? Lock your shit up and see who gets mad,” NittanyScout commented. Plenty of people agreed. “The idiots in my company are the same,” Enough_Minimum_3708 said, “they grab anything that's not nailed down.”

The photo prompted dozens of people to share their own devious solutions, including lacing the milk with laxatives, adding odd spices, and intentionally letting it sour. Others shared their own experiences with office meal malice. One such story even suggested that the padlock might not be enough to keep the milk safe.

“I bought an Udderlok for my milk at work and it worked fine for a few weeks,” dannywonderful recounted, “but then I think some thief took it as a challenge and pretty much ripped the carton apart to steal the milk.”

Seeing as a Blizzard employee went viral in 2021 for repeatedly stealing a co-worker’s breast milk, you can never be too careful in safeguarding what’s yours. Hopefully, we can all crack down on office fridge raiding, and leave milk thieves feeling sour.