Though both the buyer and the seller of a “mint” condition truck may have consented to the transaction, it appears there was someone whom they both forgot to ask — a local deer with terrible depth perception.

One New Jersey man recently headed to Facebook with his tale of car selling woe, sharing the heartbreaking footage of a deer slamming into the side of a truck he was about to show to a prospective buyer moments after they pulled up to his home.

@nbcnews A #deer leapt 20 feet and landed on a pristine white pickup #truck ♬ The Big One - Alan Stanley Tew

“Funny story….. I list my 2007 Chevy Silverado on FB marketplace and a guy calls me from north Jersey and wants the truck 1000% as long as the body is as nice as it looks in the pictures,” he began the post shared to the Facebook group “What is going on in Mays Landing,” a screengrab of which has since gone viral on TikTok.

Despite assuring the prospective buyer that the truck was in “mint” condition, disaster struck, a rogue deer emerging from the woods below and long jumping straight into the vehicle.

Though it’s unclear whether or not the inevitable deer dent was enough to thwart the sale, one thing is for certain – that deer is not winning any track and field awards any time soon.

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