Nearly four decades after Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back, the smuggler has finally earned the recognition he so deserves … well, at least from BDSM Twitter.

Earlier this week, a clip depicting a man – nay, hero – following in the footsteps of Solo’s of being vacuum sealed into a teeny tiny silver cube has set both kink Twitter and vanilla Twitter ablaze, highlighting how when life isn’t imitating art, it’s sure as hell imitating kink.

“This looks fun idk,” Twitter user @islandthembo captioned the video shared with their more than 21,000 followers.

Amassing more than 8.5 million views in its first few days on the site, the clip sparked not only comparisons to the 1980 Sci-Fi flick but also a widespread debate about just how freaky this kind of kink actually is.

“How the hell do you even find out you like this?” asked Twitter user @ChrisRGun in a quote tweet of the viral video.

“Kink shaming is very valid,” mused @sollana13 before asking “What is this?”

Amid the pearl-clutching, several others began speaking out, including OnlyFans creator Latke Del Rey.

“Why are you all so scandalized by this? This is like the mildest thing,” they quipped.

“‘Bring back kink shaming’ over someone who really likes getting vacuum sealed?????,” they elaborated in a subsequent post.

Hey, so long as everyone consents who the hell is to judge?