Popular science Twitter account @gunsnrosesgirl3 set out to highlight just that on Wednesday, re-uploading a throwback clip demonstrating how resilient the bioluminescent bugs can be. “A frog that ate a firefly,” they captioned the video depicting the bug glowing from the frog’s belly, one originally captured in Nashville back in 2018. 

Though The Daily Mail confirmed that the firefly was no longer alive while illuminating the frog’s innards — the same of which can probably be said of the frog roughly five years later — the clip still captivated the nature nerds of Twitter.

“Looks like something straight out of princess and the frog,” observed @notroyaltybratz.

“He’s gonna have heartburn,” joked @crime_soup.

But hey, it couldn’t be that bad. After all, to quote @m_kaluu, “It’s just a light meal.”