For some people, sex is a straightforward affair: lights off, missionary, wham, bam, thank you ma’am in 10 minutes or less. For everyone else, decent sex can come with risks, although most people probably aren’t expecting to find themselves in the ER. Unfortunately, one man did find himself seeking medical attention after making the mistake of asking his partner to sit on his face.

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In the video of the aftermath from TikToker @uprootedtea, the man can be seen sitting in a room with a neck brace on as his partner records him and laughs in disbelief, even as he tells her, “It’s not funny.”

Commenters were equal parts impressed and horrified, with several men commenting that they would be telling everyone in the hospital how they injured themselves if they were him, while one man called the guy in the video “a real one.” Many women commented that this validated their fears about face-sitting. “And just like that we are all hovering again!” one wrote. Others argued it was an honorable injury, with a woman describing it as a “risk worth taking.” Another added, “My man won’t let me hover, ‘best way to go out’ mentality.”

It’s not just face-sitting you might have to be careful with, particularly around the holidays. Doctors have found that the risk of penile fractures increases around Christmas, thanks to all the wild sex people find themselves having during the silly season. It’s not just Christmas, either — doctors also found an increase in penile injuries during weekends and the summer holidays, too.

Whatever kind of sex you find yourself having this holiday season, try not to break your neck or your face while doing so. Some might say, however, that without the risk of serious injury, there’s no reward. So I guess it depends on how committed you are to the very noble pursuit of getting off.