Look, let’s be honest: Nobody who gets periods enjoys them. At best, we tolerate them; at worst, we loathe them and wish they would disappear. For many people who suffer every month, it can be hard to see any positives to the experience, beyond meaning that you might some day be able to carry a child, if that’s something you even want to do.

Fortunately, silly boyfriends exist to look on the bright side on behalf of their beleaguered girlfriends. One such guy, comedian Alex Biron, recently shared a video to TikTok of himself singing an incredibly metal song about his girlfriend’s period.

@everydayalex @Christie Bosch #dating #funny ♬ original sound - Alex Biron

Seriously, check out these lyrics: “Heavy flow / Down below / Metallic river of blood / Anger rising in the skies above / Only hate / No love / Uterus contracting / Giver of life / Now produces pain.” He even threw in some screams for good measure. And did we mention he’s giving this performance while feeding his dogs treats, as his girlfriend watches from the couch, stone-faced and presumably experiencing said pain?

Most commenters agreed it was truly a sight to see, although some felt that he was walking a dangerous line. One person wrote, “Green flag but also he’s gambling with his life.” Indeed, sing that song to the wrong person on a particularly painful day and prepare to be snapped at.

Many commenters compared the boyfriend to Jack Black, comedian and one half of comedy rock duo Tenacious D. One wrote, “It’s giving Jack Black meets Disturbed,” while someone else added, “He’s giving Jack Black. Also, marry this dude.”

As a result, the OP is now tagging Jack Black in the comments and asking him to do a duet with him. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Black has yet to respond.

Despite that setback, Biron is now gearing up to release a studio version of the full song as a result of the original video’s success, because nothing can simply be a viral video anymore.