Some people are too cool for this world. Such is the case with one Mesa, Arizona teacher, who was temporarily suspended after dressing up as the devil for Halloween and encouraging his students to “hail Satan.”

According to 12News, teachers had been encouraged to dress up for the school’s Halloween Spirit Week event. One teacher took this opportunity to go full heavy metal, opting to wear a red shirt and devil horns while carrying around a scarlet pitchfork. “[Sophomore Nathaniel] Hamlet alleges the teacher waved the pitchfork over students' heads as they entered and said ‘hail Satan,’” writes Chase Golightly.

Per 12News, “The theme was dynamic duos and the teacher next door was in an angel costume.”

While most of the students seemed just fine with the costume, Hamlet, who identifies as a Christian, was personally offended by the teacher’s outfit and behavior. “I said, ‘Don’t do that to me,’ and I pushed [the pitchfork] away, maybe three or four times and he still said it and still did it," Hamlet told 12News.

Hamlet then tattled about the incident to his father, who reported the teacher’s costume to the school’s principal. The teacher was promptly put on paid leave.

While the pair are happy that something was done, they claim they expected more than finding out that the teacher was literally deemed too cool for school. “I feel like you should probably get fired,” the student said in response to the teacher’s costume and actions. His father agreed, adding, “If you’re gonna keep the Christian stuff out, then you got to keep the devil-worshiping stuff out, period.”

For context, Hamlet’s father recently ran for the Mesa Unified School Board, where he “finished sixth in the seven-person field.” Not saying he’s being a bit of a sore loser here, but he may need a better hobby than getting mad at one of the country’s most popular Halloween costumes.

As it stands currently, the teacher is still on administrative leave. I’m sure he’s got a helluva time planned for when he returns.