Joe Keery and Gatten Matarazzo were among those in a Twitter hack of Stranger Things cast memebers

Joe Keery who plays the loveable Steve on Netflix's hit show Stranger Things woke up yesterday morning (4/20) to find his Twitter had been hacked and his account had been spamming racist tweets, nasty things about some of his Stranger Things co-stars, and saying that he was molested while filming the series. 

Obviously, these were quickly deleted, but you gotta believe that with 1.2 million followers, at least a few of them grabbed screenshots. Here is what I could find, it might not be all of them, but it gives you an idea of what was being tweeted out.

Joe Keery hacked tweet

Stranger Things Joe Keery hacked tweets

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The girl who took these screenshots also reached out to Joe via direct message, and the hacker sent back a reply saying that the actor had been kidnapped. 

Joe Keery hacker DM kidnapping