If Nostradamus is right, we’re in for one hell of a year.

For those unfamiliar with Nostradamus, he’s a guy who wrote a book called The Prophecies in the 16th century. This book had a whole host of predictions for the future.

Sure, they’re written in vague poetic prose that make it hard to figure out what he’s actually talking about, but some claim that a few of his guesses have actually turned out to be correct. The discoveries of Louis Pasteur? Yep, he predicted it. The JFK assassination? Saw it all coming. Adolf Hitler? Nostradamus knew all about ol’ Adolf (and he didn’t even do anything to stop him, the bastard).

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As we approach a new year, it’s time to see what Nostradamus says is going to happen to us this year. Honestly, it’s not great.

First, the (relatively) minor stuff. According to our boy Nosty, the U.K.’s King Charles may be headed toward disaster. Charles, he writes, will be “driven out by force” and “replaced by one who will have no mark of a king.” No word on who that is yet, but I hear Grimace is looking for a new gig.

Next, there will be a new Pope. “Through the death of the very old Pontiff, a Roman of good age will be elected,” Nosty writes. You heard the man — be on the lookout for any Roman with Papal dreams.

Now we turn to the big events. Get your raincoats out, because according to Nostradamus, there’s going to be a major flood that will sweep over the globe. “The dry Earth will become more parched and there will be great floods,” he writes. Later, he warns of a “very great famine through pestiferous wave.”

If that wasn’t enough, he also says that war is imminent. Per Nosty, “Red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great ocean in dread.” Who’s the red adversary? No idea, but I can’t say I’m thrilled about it.

If things go Nostradamus’ way, 2024 will shape up to be quite the year. At least we’ve still got a couple more months to prepare.