MSCHF is a Brooklyn "ideas factory" that is known for its' rather strange and different drops of weird and viral products. You might have heard of their Jesus shoes, which are Nikes with holy water inside.

This Wednesday at 1pmEST, everyone with a phone will have a change to control 'Spot', one of Boston Dynamic's infamous robot dogs from hell thanks to these guys. They are calling this event, "Spot's Rampage". 

Here's what MSCHF has said about Wednesday's planned activities: "We’ve put a Spot in an art gallery, mounted it with a .68cal paintball gun, and given the internet the ability to control it. We’re livestreaming Spot as it frolics and destroys the gallery around it. Spot’s Rampage is piloted by YOU! Spot is remote-controlled over the internet, and we will select random viewers to take the wheel."

To get a chance to control Spot, all you need to do is go to their website at 1pm on Wednesday. You can find their website right here.

Boston Dynamics has expressed their concern over this event and definitely doesn't want Spot being used for violent things. 

Here's also what Boston shared with MSCHF," "We talked with Boston Dynamics and they HATED this idea. They said they would give us another TWO Spots for FREE if we took the gun off," MSCHF said. "That just made us want to do this even more and if our Spot stops working just know they have a backdoor override built into each and every one of these little robots."" 

I'm excited for my chance to try and shoot some paintballs through a robot dog on the internet. If that's not the future you want to be a part of, then I'm sorry.