David Neal, a Hilton hotel manager in Nashville TN was arrested and charged with "aggravated burglary and assault" after he snuck into a guest's room and began sucking his toes while he was asleep on Thursday, March 30.

Neal, who is 52 years old was released on a $27,000 bond. The guest who he 'toe-sucked' said he recognized him from the day before when Neal came into his room to fix an issue with his television (and got a good look at his toes). 

Authorities said Neal claimed he entered the guest's room after allegedly smelling smoke, using a key card he programmed to the room. Neal, who is the night manager of the hotel entered the guest's room at 5 A.M. and began sucking the man's toes while he slept. 

A few weeks ago we featured a video from a flight attendant who detailed her hotel safety hacks, and many people dunked on her for being paranoid – but it turns out you can never be too safe after checking into a hotel – as you may wake up with your toes in someone's mouth. 

Unless you're into that sorta thing – we don't want to kink shame.