Rob Kenney was 14 when his father left him and his 7 siblings to fend for themselves. His mother was an alcoholic and didn't have a great relationship with any of her kids. Rob would spend the rest of his youth in a 35-foot mobile home, taken care of by his oldest 23 yr old brother.

Fast forward to the present day, Rob has taken it upon himself to give kids something that he didn't have growing up; a fatherly figure to teach tasks that a dad should know how to do. He learned how to be a dad with two successful kids, now 27 and 29, and wanted to give his learned parenting skills to even more people.

He created a YouTube channel called, "Dad, how do I?" that gives very basic tutorials on how to do miscellaneous everyday tasks that a dad might teach his kids.

This is some of the most wholesome content I've seen on YouTube and I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves. His YouTube channel has grown by 900,000 subscribers in the last WEEK. That's some of the largest growth ever seen.