Over the weekend Chase Curtis posted a trailer on Twitter for his ‘The Great Catsby,’ a Great Gatsby-esque film generated using AI. “Hollywood is done for – you might not believe me, but this is AI-generated,” tweeted Curtis.

‘Filmmaker’ Christian Fleischer used a Gen2 beta, Runway, and Eleven Labs to pull off his Hollywood-destroying trailer. The script is obviously co-written by ChatGPT – mostly cause it kept repeating the word “whimsical” over and over.

The AI movie, like the beer ad and the pizza commercial, is pure nightmare fuel of off-putting, “real” looking faces. Clips from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (like Dicraprio raising his glass) are recreated throughout the trailer.

It's as if Baz Luhrmann’s extravagant, bold, and loud film style was funneled into the uncanny valley.  And the AI bros love it. Everyone else is laughing.

“AI guys see stuff like this and go 'it's almost passable, it'll be perfect soon!' when in reality the jump from this to 'perfect' will require so much time and effort we'll never see it in our lifetimes” tweeted @KrisWolfheart.

Many note the terribly rendered AI hands and scoliosis-laden spines. Everything is way too smooth. One of the first shots has what is supposed to be a woman's hand baby-pawing a glass.

“I'm convinced that these AI guys have never seen a movie, looked at art, read a book, or interacted with an actual human being in their lives,” says @dudermanboyo.

People are not buying that AI will replace actual filmmakers no matter how much the AI bros want to prove it.