With the price of homes the way they are (high and rising higher) you'd think a 1.3 million dollar home would be well made right? Well, not in this economy. 

Thanks to the TikTok account, @clearvue_home_inspector, a residential home inspection service serving the greater Charlotte area, homes aren't what they used to be. In a two-part series, @clearvue_home_inspector documents a home he was hired to inspect and captures what might be the worst home ever constructed. 

@clearvue_home_inspector $1.3 million worth of quality right here! You be tge judge! #homeinspection #predrywallinspection #inspectortiktoks #viral #clearVUE #inspectorhacks #newconstruction #newbuild ♬ original sound - ClearVUE Home Inspection

The first video begins with the inspector in the attic, showing off support beams that don't connect and instead have been fused with extra-long nails. He then notices wet wood and concludes that the water is leaking through the shoddy roof. He says "It looks like a DIY play set in someone's backyard," clearly capturing 2x4 that weren't long enough and were combined together. 

And part two isn't any better. 

@clearvue_home_inspector Part 2 of the 1.3 million dollar predrywall home inspection! These were the items that didn’t make the first cut! #predrywallinspection #newbuild #newconstruction #homeinspectiontictok #homeinspectionfails ♬ original sound - ClearVUE Home Inspection

"Stuff like this just hurts my soul," he says, clearly exhausted by his life choices. It's hard to say exactly why everything is so off but it could be that "everyone got their measurements off." 

Everything about this house is a mess. But don't worry Millenials, you can't afford it anyway.