Video of a homeless man being executed in broad daylight on the streets of St. Louis has gone viral as the snuff video has been widely shared on Twitter, depicting a man fumbling around with a gun, before pointing it at a man sitting on a curb and pulling the trigger. 

The video is hard to watch, but what has people even more upset than, well, the senseless execution of a homeless man, is the person who recorded the video from a safe distance without attempting to call the police or intervene in any way whatsoever. 

"What's he supposed to do to someone with a gun?" One commenter asked. "This is what's wrong with the world today, people live behind their phones said another." And while both points are valid, there are far greater and far worse lessons to be learned about the state of St. Louis and the country as a whole, by watching a man be gunned down in your feed. 

The good news, however, is that 21-year-old Daniel Riley has since been arrested. No word on the man who filmed it though, but we suspect you can't be charged for the crime of filming a murder, at least not yet anyways. 

If you choose to watch the video, that is up to you, but we suggest you do something else instead, in fact, doing literally anything else is a better use of your time.