Contrary to popular misconception, freedom of speech does not translate to freedom of spit, a lesson one reporter’s adult daughter learned the hard way after being arrested for assaulting a Utah mayor who criticized her mother’s reporting.

The skirmish began after a recent City Council meeting in Orem, Utah, where Mayor David Young denounced Genelle Pugmire’s articles on him for local news outlet, The Daily Herald, as “extremely off the rails.”

Altercation between Utah mayor and a pissed off resident.
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“I’ve been told by, you know, public relations type folks that I probably shouldn’t go down this path, but it’s gotten to a point to where it’s overly ridiculous,” he told attendees at Tuesday’s meeting per The Hill. “I wouldn’t make a big deal about this except it just keeps happening and happening.”

Linnea Pugmire, the journalist’s 31-year-old daughter, evidently did not take the Mayor’s criticism of her mother lightly, confronting him shortly after the meeting adjourned.

“How dare you?” she told the local leader, proceeding to punch him in the face and spit at him. “How dare you? Get out of my face!”

“I’m sick of being pushed around by your mother,” the mayor fired back, denouncing her as “disgusting.”

Moments later, Linnea was arrested on several charges, including threatening elected officials, assault, and propelling a bodily substance. She was released from custody the following day.

So take it from Linnea: Follow through on “talk s—t, get hit” at your own risk.