Though Love Island Australia contestant Abby Miller may have entered the villa looking for love, she left with one hell of a science lesson, discovering that the moon, is not in fact multiple times larger than the Earth.

The reality star’s B.C.E.-esque discovery came about when Miller — not to be confused with Dance Moms’ baddie Abby Lee Miller — enjoyed a nighttime rendezvous with fellow contestant Reid Polak during one of last weeks episodes, their conversation quickly shifting to the celestial bodies shining down upon the villa.


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“That thing’s giant!” Miller said, glancing upwards. “How many times bigger is it than Earth, like?” she asked.

Naturally, as one would be upon rehashing science settled by Aristarchus roughly two thousand years ago, Polak was visibly confused by her question.

“You mean the moon?” he asked, landing an affirmative from his date. “No, not bigger.”

“Yeah it is,” Miller fired back. “You just said that you’re so into it and you don’t know that the moon is bigger than Earth.”

Though Polak made several attempts to prove that the moon is, in fact, smaller than our planet, Miller refused to concede, doubling down on her astronomical assertion in a confessional.

“The moon is bigger than Earth!” she said to camera, the frustration lingering in her voice. “It surely has to be because when you’re looking at the moon from Earth it's huge!”

While the world may never know whether Miller ultimately found the error in her ways, one thing is certain — that cat was absolutely a paid actor.