On today’s installment of “tell us you haven’t gotten laid since 1987 without telling us you haven’t gotten laid since 1987,”  Twitter Blue subscriber and self-described “Conservative Patriot” @wilderpatriot learned a hard lesson this week — just because something doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly clear to anyone under the age of 40.

Earlier this week, the right-wing influencer shied away from their usual programming of crying about drag queen story hours and riding Donald Trump’s allegedly mushroom-shaped dick to inexplicably post a five-month-old clip depicting influencer Noelani Renee sharing her frustrations surrounding the “talking stage” — a.k.a the informal process of getting to know someone you’d like to date —  on the “Whatever” podcast last September.

Despite their caption questioning “like wtf” Renee was “talking about?” a likely reference to the 37 times she said “like” during her explanation (we’ve all been there, girlie) it seems her message was crystal clear — the talking stage’s amorphous nature can lead to confusion and hurt, especially as romantic feelings develop.

“I think like the biggest thing that like annoys me in like the whole dating world is like fucking talking stages,” Renee said in the clip, which has since racked up more than 15.3 million views. “Like, that shit's so annoying, like the whole, like and just like the inconsistency in them,” she elaborated, noting her hatred for the lack of clear communication. “Like in like talking stages and it's just like you're like labeled that,” she continued of how this lack of definition can lead to confusion.

“Most of the time like the girl gets like attached or something and they like see it like it's gonna lead to a relationship and it's always not,” Renee concluded. “Like, traditional dating does not exist in this generation.”

Considering the straightforward nature of her comments —  as straightforward as one can be after being asked to explain a highly-nuanced topic on the spot — @wilderpatriot’s attempted dunk managed to spark controversy, garnering run-of-the-mill misogyny much too boring to appear on the hallowed pages of eBaum’s World as well as a whole host of comments from irritated Hot Girls™ who clearly know what’s up.

So @wilderpatriot, if you’re reading this, don’t hate because you’re not fluent in hottie. It’s not cute.