The internet is full of helpful advice. If you need to fix your washing machine, some guy in Nebraska has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to just that. If you’re having trouble with a math problem, there’s a man in India who’s happy to spend his free time telling you how to solve it. And, if you need to ambush a tank in an urban environment, TikToker Ryan McBeth has you covered.


How to ambush a tank in an urban environment

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Now, there’s first the issue of getting weapons that are equipped for such a task (in Minecraft, I mean). However, if you have such weapons, McBeth says the key is hitting the tanks from above, with the TikToker suggesting that you use a dice to randomize floor numbers from multiple firing zones to keep your attackers guessing.

This method can be seen in action in Ukraine, where Russia has spent the past year and a half rolling tanks into various city centers. While the Russian effort has been successful in some regards, their tank approach has been an embarrassment thanks in part to Ukrainians employing similar strategies to those laid out by McBeth. In fact, some estimate that Russia had lost half its tank fleet to Ukraine by the beginning of this year — and Ukraine recently celebrated its Independence Day by lining up destroyed Russian tanks in the streets of its capital.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use this information. But if the world breaks out in mass warfare, at least you’ll know how to stop an enemy tank — even though, let’s be honest, most of us would just spend the war complaining about it on the internet.