Who knew J. Cole”s “Love Yourz” could strike fear into a content creator’s heart.

Youtuber and Twitch streamer, Fousey (Yousef Erakat) recently slipped up in his 24/7 sub-a-thon by rapping the n-word. While most recognizable figures who are caught using the slur are nonchalant about the offense, Erakat immediately freaked.

“I never use that word. I swear to f-ing God this isn’t content,” he screams to the camera. “I listen to rap songs every day on this sub-a-thon and I always change it out for brotha.”

The streamer immediately tweeted an apology saying that the ordeal “doesn’t represent my character.”

Back in June, he even condemned streamers using the word to “be edgy” and feel “safe behind their screens.”

Well, he definitely didn’t feel safe.

His reaction is being boasted as the world's quickest online apology. No ukulele is needed when you can punch your mattress and yell for forgiveness to the chat.

“I appreciate the dedication. Cus if you go say it as easy as you did, you better act like it was the LAST thing you wanted to do!! I’m here for the drama!!” says @thecindynoir.

How to get the internet to not be mad at you for saying a slur? Have the most outrageous freak out about it so the worst people will do is laugh.

They can’t cancel you if you swear you always say “brotha.”