Upwards of 10 Baptism attendees were killed and 60 were injured after the roof of a Roman Catholic church in Northern Mexico caved in during Sunday's ceremony.

Church's Roof Collapses during Baptism in Mexico
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As authorities continue searching for victims and survivors amid the rubble, per CBS News, Josefina Ramírez, one of the roughly 100 people who attended the event in the Ciudad Madero parish,  recounted the horrifying moment after the ceiling gave way.


“I felt I would not be able to see my beautiful family again,” Ramírez, the godmother of the baby, wrote in an emotional Facebook post, noting that her goddaughter and several of her relatives managed to survive the tragedy. “I cannot explain how we got out.”

Though Ramírez may have not been able to explain their escape, others were, with local news outlets noting that several survivors smashed windows with chairs in order to get out of the crumbling building — the only time the typically Karen-coded action has ever been socially acceptable.