Though Bad Bunny may have cemented himself as a reggaeton icon, flaunting an impressive collection of Grammys, a handful of WWE wins and even an alleged romance with supermodel Kendall Jenner, it appears there is something he has yet to achieve — differentiating between a urethra and a vagina.

Shortly after the artist’s latest album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, hit streaming platforms last Friday, several fans found themselves with more questions than answers surrounding his track “BATICANO” — namely, if Bad Bunny is aware that women don’t actually pee from their pussies.

In the third verse of the song, which is widely thought to detail the “Moscow Mule” artist’s alleged relationship with Jenner, the artist got candid about getting it on, singing the following:

“Tres deo' en el toto, en el culo el pinky

Las moña' violeta como Tinky Winky

Una nalgá' y la dejo como Po, ey

Le doy por donde hace pipí y por donde hace popó”

Now, For those of us who managed to forget everything we learned in our high school Spanish class, the verse, according to a fluent friend of eBaum’s World, translates as such:

“Three fingers in the pussy, in her ass the pinky,

The buds are purple like Tinky Winky,

A slap on her ass and I leave her like Po,

Hey I give it to her where she pees and poops.”

Beyond his decision to name-drop two Teletubbies and the words poo poo in an otherwise steamy verse, a handful of Bad Bunny fans were very confused with these lyrics, wondering whether the artist actually passed his middle school health class.

“The secondhand embarrassment is real,” wrote u/just_reading_along1 in a thread dedicated to the song on r/PopCultureChat. “If he thinks she pees from her vagina he should get some anatomy lessons. And if they're into urethra play - I did not need to know that.”

“Sorry Benito but if you give it where she pees you got the wrong hole,” added u/Wellnevermindthen referencing Bad Bunny’s real name, while u/sweetdee12 detailed the strange mental image they derived from the verse.  

“I’m imagining him trying to jam 3 fingers in her urethra and like….” they wrote, trailing off.

But hey, maybe Bad Bunny is right and we’re the ones who have it all wrong — maybe Kendall Jenner just has a really, really, really large urethra.