One future bride quickly discovered that what happens at the strip club doesn’t always stay at the strip club after one dancer called her out for hooking up with another dude during her bachelorette party.

“If your fiancée is having her bachelorette party in Nashville on the week of August 31 and has braces, hair about this length with blonde highlights,” she said, gesturing to her shoulders, “a cowboy hat with a veil on it, she is cheating on you,” Marina, better known by her TikTok handle @twentyfirstcenturywhore commenced her video.

@twentyfirstcenturywhore If your fiance is celebrating her bachelorette in Nashville, watch out she might be cheating on you with some rando at the skrip club #cheating #cheatingfiance #skripclub #nashville #bacheloretteparty ♬ original sound - marina

After laying out the woman’s several indiscretions, “getting blasted by some guy” and appearing to rub the man’s crotch through his pants before leaving with him, Marina elaborated on the future wife’s other notable flaw — having terrible, terrible strip club etiquette.

“She also doesn’t tip, so you got yourself a winner,” Marina added, noting that the bride-to-be also attempted to “record girls onstage,” another cardinal strip club sin.

After offering more details on the woman’s outfit and the lone pal who accompanied her during her incredibly crazy evening on the town — “the only girl with her,” she said — she left the wily patron’s future spouse with some parting words of wisdom.

“Good luck with your divorce!” she concluded. “I hope you have a good prenup.”